Master's degree in Machine Learning and Cybersecurity for Internet Connected Systems

The official Master’s degree in Machine Learning and Cybersecurity for Internet-Connected System aims to provide advanced and specialised scientific and technological training in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, with an emphasis on their application in internet-connected systems, including computer systems of multiple degrees of complexity in general and Internet of Things systems in particular. It addresses the current shortage of professionals who have this kind of training, which is highly valued in industry and research in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Graduates will be able to successfully apply for jobs as machine learning engineers, data scientists, information system governance professionals, and many others.

The master's program is mainly practical and focused on both application and theoretical foundation. Contrary to more specialized programs, this master's degree offers a broader training in three interrelated and complementary areas that are essential in today's ICT.

This master's degree is offered at public prices and opens the door to pursuing doctoral studies.

This master's degree is organised within the framework of the European MERIT project, through the funding of the Digital Europe programme, in collaboration with three European universities, SMEs, digital innovation hubs and research centres. The European project provides funding such as student grants.  Through MERIT students have the opportunity to connect—and work with—academics and industry professionals across Europe. Placement opportunities and short-term visits will be made available.  Watch the videos about the project.

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Master Prospectus

1,5 academic years. 90 ECTS credits.

Timetable and modality
Afternoons. Face to face.


Important dates
End of pre-enrollment period: July 1, 2024
Admision decision: July 19, 2024
Enrollment period: September 5-6, 2024
First day of classes: September 9, 2024

Approximate price for the master’s degree, excluding non-teaching academic fees and issuing of the degree certificate.
€2,490 (€9,496 for non-EU residents).


Academic Coordinator
Ilker Demirkol

Master Prospectus