Pre-enrollment, admission and enrollment

To pre-enroll and enroll for the master's degree you must follow these steps:

  1. Pre-enrollment: you declare your interest in being admitted to the master's.
  2. Admission: the Master's Committee studies your case and admits you if necessary.
  3. Admission acceptance: you firmly accept admission to the master's program.
  4. Registration: you register to become a master's student.

1. Pre-enrollment

Before you pre-enroll

In this step you present yourself as a candidate for the master's degree. It is formalized through a web application and you will need the following documentation:

  1. Identity card (DNI, NIE) or Passport.
  2. An official degree title.
  3. An official academic certificate corresponding to the aforementioned degree stating:
    1. The courses studied and their qualification.
    2. The number of credits or hours taken for each course.
    3. The average grade of the degree.
  4. An academic and professional curriculum written in English. The "Curriculum" section of the FAQ may be useful.
  5. Accreditation of English language level B2 or higher. The "Master's language" section of the FAQ may be useful.

If your degree title is issued by UPC, you do not need to present the degree title nor the academic certificate nor your identification document.

In the event that the degree and academic certificate come from a foreign university, you must complete the information on the degree and certificate. To do this, you must follow the additional instructions in the "When the title is foreign" section of the FAQ.


  1. Connect to the application
  2. Select the language of the application (top right 😉)
  3. Access the application:
    1. If you are already a UPC student, access the application with your UPC credentials (your username and password).
    2. If you are new to the UPC, before accessing you must register in the application (option in the menu on the left 😉).
    3. Enter the information requested by the application and specify with which qualification you want to access the master's degree. Remember that you must attach all the documents mentioned above. This includes, if it is your case, the additional documents for accessing with a foreign degree.
  4. Pre-enroll for the master's.
  5. Make the payment of the fee of €30.21 to make the pre-enrollment effective.
  6. You can always check the status of the pre-enrollment in the same application.

2. Admission

The Master's Commission will analyze each and every candidate for admission and, in accordance with the academic regulations of the Master's, will admit you or not.

It is possible that the commission will admit you on the condition that you have to take some leveling courses. However, if the degree with which you access is one of these (spanish state issued titles):

  • Degree in ICT Systems Engineering.
  • Degree in Computer Engineering.
  • Degree in Data Science and Engineering.
  • Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering.
  • Degree in Telecommunications Technologies and Services Engineering.
  • Degree in Network Engineering

you certainly won't need to take leveling courses.

During the analysis of the candidates, the commission may contact you to ask for some additional information.

3. Admission acceptance

If you are proposed for admission you will receive an email. You can always check the status of your admission application in the pre-enrollment application.

If you decide to accept the admission you will have to complete all of the following steps.

  1. Connect to the pre-enrollment application and formally accept admission to the master's degree.
  2. After accepting, you will receive an email to access e-Secretaria, the web application that will manage your enrollment and academic procedures for the rest of the master's degree.
  3. Connect to e-Secretaria ( and identify yourself with the same credentials you used to pre-enroll.
  4. Review your data and validate them.
  5. Make the "admission confirmation" payment. It's €300 that will be deducted from your enrollment when you make it effective. If you do not enroll you will lose this payment.

4. Enrollment

If you have completed the acceptance of admission you will receive an email with the instructions to enroll a few days before the enrollment period.

Enrollment is formalized online and its cost depends on several parameters, mainly the number of credits enrolled and non-EU or EU resident status. The €300 confirmation of admission will be deducted from your first enrollment.