UPC Manresa celebrates the graduation ceremony of the class of 2023

Nov 24, 2023

The Kursaal Theater was yesterday, November 23, the setting for the graduation ceremony of the 207 students who completed their studies last year at the UPC Manresa School of Engineering.

n arrival, the attendees were able to meet two of the student associations of UPC Manresa School of Engineering and the projects they are currently developing. In the courtyard of the Kursaal there were the Dynamics UPC Manresa and Synergy Racing Team showing the car and the motorcycle with which they participate in the Formula Student and Moto Student international competitions.

Journalist Nia Escolà Rodil presented the event, in a packed theater, where large UPC letters and a banner commemorating the 80 years that UPC Manres celebrated this year stood out on the stage.

During the event, awards were given to the best bachelor's and master's theses, the best academic records, the outstanding students of the UPC Manresa and the "Long Live the UPC" award was also presented. Awards given thanks to the collaboration of several companies and institutions, such as DENSO Barcelona, ​​Fundació la Caixa d'Enginyers, the TIC Bages Association, the College of Graduate Engineers and Industrial Technical Engineers of Manresa (CETIM), the Official College of Technical and Undergraduate Mining and Energy Engineers of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the Official College of Mining Engineers of the Northeast and UPC Alumni.

Marc Aloy Guardia , mayor of Manresa, took part ; Daniel Crespo Artiaga , chancellor of the UPC, who presided over the event; and Pere Palà Schönwälder , director of UPC Manresa. David Parcerisa Duocastella , deputy director responsible for UPC Alumni Manresa, also spoke , to explain UPC Alumni, its community in Manresa and to give the "Live the UPC" award.

Antonia Elisa Soler Blasco , was the godmother of the promotion and addressed a few words to the attendees. Born in 1988 in Sant Vicenç de Castellet, she currently lives in California and is director of Corporate Venture and Open Innovation for the multinational Hilti. He studied a double degree in technical engineering in industrial chemistry and mining at UPC Manresa School of Engineering and, later, industrial engineering at the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering. Beyond her training and experience, she is a great promoter of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and is particularly involved in projects that promote female talent. In fact, she is co-founder of "Women in Construction Tech", the first community of women in construction technology and Venture Capital in the same sector. In 2022, she was awarded as a "Maverick", positioning her among the 50 most relevant people in Construction Technology.

The most anticipated moment of the night was when the student with the best record of the promotion, Pol Ureña Heras , graduated from UPC Manresa in Industrial Electronic and Automatic Engineering, was named.

Almost at the end of the gala, came the performance of the Eswèrtia Choir , from the Excursionist Center of the Bages, who performed two songs. And as it could not be any other way, the event ended with the performance of the castellers group Penjats del Campus de Manresa who made a pillar above the stage and the traditional group photo of the graduates, titled, prize-winners.