Yes! we talk Catalan

We talk Catalan

The language of Catalonia is Catalan, which is also the official language of UPC. Spanish and English are commonly used at UPC as well. In Manresa, most people speak Catalan. To learn more about the Catalan language, we recommend checking out the high-quality Wikipedia article "Catalan language."

Learning the basics of Catalan is easy for most people. For speakers of other Romance languages, it might only take a few weeks. Immersing yourself in the environment makes the process more effective and enjoyable. Don’t be intimidated by this; it's more of an opportunity to explore an interesting culture than a challenge.

Teaching languages at UPC Manresa

  • Bachelor's degree lectures at UPC Manresa are usually taught in Catalan although some specific subjects are taught in English. If you are willing to come as a mobility student, ask first to International Office to help you get a specific plan for your case.
  • Master's degree lectures depend more on the master. We offer degrees fully taught in English, others in Spanish and some in Catalan.  This is documented clearly in the programme of each master.

Learn Catalan

The most you learn Catalan the most you will be able to dive into the country and enjoy it.  Catalan is the best door to understand the fascinating culture and history of Catalans. Here you can find some useful materials to learn your first Catalan:

  • Catalan firsts words (and Spanish)
    A printable pocked guide with the firsts sentences and words you should learn.
  • Just arrived
    A free Catalan course for mobility students offered by the University Language Service. Passing it could report you 1 ECTS.
  • Cultural and language reception
    A wellcome programme that offers you a range of services and products designed to help you to adapt to life in Catalonia.
  • Intercat resources
    A web site with plenty of resources to learn Catalan. It is a joint effort of the language services of Catalan universities.

Catalan dialects and geography
Catalan dialects and geography